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Fine Arts

art survey: Jewelry Exploration
karen kosoglad, 2nd Semester 2018-19
219 : Tue/Thu/Fri 10:15-11:40

ART - Jewelry / 0.5

Learning Objectives

This is an advanced art class and a prerequisite of other art classes is required or student can show a portfolio of work. New students are encouraged to build a foundation in slow time and drawing into printmaking.

We will be developing processes to make all kinds of wearable art including enameling, soldering, metal etching, sawing metal, reclaimed/up cycling,small sculpture, fiber arts and more. This class will include research, inquiry, material acquisition, creative play. Wire and combining materials will be explored. We will use sketching nature and natural forms for inspiration.

This is an art survey class of both 2 and 3 dimensional design. Students will be invited to explore many art mediums and techniques. Printmaking ,drawing, painting, and sculpture will be offered. There will be a focus on the foundations of visual art and design.

A Sketchbook is required.

Learning Requirements

The student understands and applies arts knowledge , and visual arts.
Understands and applies arts concepts and vocabulary.
Develops arts skills and techniques.
Understands and applies arts genres and styles of various artists, cultures, and times.
Applies a creative process to the arts.

The student communicates through the arts.

Small books mixed media collage and printmaking
karen kosoglad, 2nd Semester 2018-19
Art Room #31 : Tue/Thu/Fri 12:20-13:45

ART - Printmaking / 0.5

Facilitate and introduce a variety Arts Medium with a focus on sketch books. students will collage and learn printmaking techniques and produce individual portfolios. Exploration of a diverse approach to printmaking through, mono prints, collagraphs, linoleum block, dry point, silk screen, reduction prints, 3 color blocks and image transfers. Through a combination of many printing techniques students can combine and alter their final images.. there will be a structure brought into focus to build students foundations. drawing from life,nature, models and looking at the alphabet as a graphic design construct

Fine Arts / Science

karen kosoglad, 2nd Semester 2018-19

None assigned

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Individual content goals, EALR’s and course/credit code(s) will be included in the enrollment section for each student contract.

Learning Requirements
The student uses listening and observation skills and strategies to gain understanding. To meet this standard, the student:
Uses listening and observation skills and strategies to focus attention and interpret information.
Understands, analyzes, synthesizes, or evaluates information from a variety of sources.
The student uses communication skills and strategies to interact/work effectively with others. To meet this standard, the student:
Uses language to interact effectively and responsibly in a multicultural context.
Uses interpersonal skills and strategies in a multicultural context to work collaboratively, solve problems, and perform tasks.
Uses skills and strategies to communicate interculturally.
The student uses communication skills and strategies to present ideas and one’s self in a variety of situations. To meet this standard, the student:
Uses knowledge of topic/theme, audience, and purpose to plan presentations.
Uses media and other resources to support presentations.
Uses effective delivery. The student analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of communication. To meet this standard, the student:
Assesses effectiveness of one’s own and others’ communication.
Sets goals for improvement.

Language Arts

Batman's Summer Independents
The Dark Knight Batman, Summer 2019

None assigned