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Career & Technical Education CTE)

Career Choices and Get a Job
Jennifer Spigner, 1st Semester 2019-20
Room 114 : Tue/Thu/Fri 8:45-10:10

CTE - Career Choices 1 / 0.5

Are you an 9th or 10th grader?
Do you wonder about the world of the work?
Are you concerned about how to find and keep a job?
Come to this class and you will become workplace ready to look for jobs and opportunities.
I can provide assistance in your job search and college/career options.

Career Research
Identify personal skills, interests and abilities and relate them to current career choices.
Present information to class on career interests
Professional/Soft Skills/Collaborate
Resume building
Interviewing Skills
Health and Safe in the workplace

Digital Music (Beats!)
Susan Watters, 1st Semester 2019-20
Tue/Thu/Fri 10:15-11:40

CTE - Recording Arts Tech 1 / 0.5

Course Description:
Students in this course will learn how to make music with Ableton Live and Push, and gain foundations in the physics and science of sound and digital audio. Concepts in this course can be translated to video, storytelling, and many types of programming, all while having fun making beats and music. Each student will have access to a digital workstations to create original music. Additionally, students will learn to record, perform, sequence, and manipulate sound.

Fashion Design
Susan Watters, 1st Semester 2019-20
221 : Tue/Thu/Fri 10:15-11:40

CTE - Apparel & Textiles I / 0.5

This class will be facilitated by Maria Bischof from Foundry 10.

All experience levels are welcome but be prepared to work in class, this is a “hands on” class.

We will read & create patterns, cut, serge, sew, iron.

Nova Farm
Susan Barth, 1st Semester 2019-20
Susan's Room #3 and the garden : Mon/Wed/Fri 12:20-13:45

CTE - Env Horticulture 1 / 0.5

In this class, you will experience botany, horticulture, farming, and social justice around food. You will work on the farm, cultivate crops, cook, create and carry out inquiry based experiments to support your learning, learn about environmental issues surrounding agriculture and do projects catered to your interests, including leadership, internships, and career paths. Be prepared to get dirty. This fall, we work on putting some of the garden to bed, planting hardy winter crops and landscaping, art and building. Come learn how to use power tools. Grow stuff, the bees need you.

This class can be taken for Occ. Ed. or Science, depending on what your focus is. You will need to work the details out with Susan.

This class can also earn college credit if you are prepared to meet the extra competencies.

A graduation Social Justice Project could be done in this class.

Open Animation Portal
Stefan Gruber, 1st Semester 2019-20
Room 205 : Mon/Wed/Fri 14:35-16:00

CTE - Animation Tech Graphics 2 / 0.5

Open Portal is a way to extend your projects from other animation classes into a bigger project. For instance, if you have a 300 frame animation piece and want to color it, add shadows, and textures for a more professional feel, this is the place to do that. It also doubles as a place where you can be if you want extra time working on your assignments for Comics, Games, and Animation Class.

Work Site Coordination 2019-20
Jennifer Spigner, 1st Semester 2019-20
Room 111, Jennifer's Office

CTE - Hospitality Worksite / 0.5

Work-based learning activities extend the classroom into the workplace, connecting acquired knowledge and skills to a student’s future employment. Each student’s individual learning objectives, or goals will be articulated in the first meeting among the student, their suprevisor, and the WBL coordinator(me). They will be different for each student.

I will enter these goals after the first meeting.

Susan Barth, 1st Semester 2019-20
Rm 3- Susan : Tue/Thu 13:50-14:30

CTE - Publishing Yearbook 1 / 0.25

Yearbook will meet both Tuesday’s and Thursday’s in Susan’s Room B03. We will fund raise with t-shirt sales, creating Nova promotional swag, photograph events and create our yearbook. We are looking for motivated, organized, creative types (you do not need to have all of those traits together). We want photographers, designers, and tech savvy folks to help us. We will capture the amazingness of our community. We also want the yearbook to be affordable for all who want it. So, we will be figuring out new and creative ways to fund raise. No experience necessary, just a strong willingness to contribute. You will learn all aspects of yearbook production regardless of your specialty. This class will be facilitated by Allison, Susan B.

The basic credit is .25 per semester, depending on the amount of work you put in.