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Action Faction
Eyva Winet, 2nd Semester 2020-21
zoom until further notice : Thu 11:55-12:40

HE - Health Education HS / 0.15

Action Faction Mission Statement:
As an all-inclusive committee, we work to create a safe and respectful community for all genders and sexualities. We combat sexuality and gender identity oppression by creating positive actions in Nova and beyond. Positive actions include maintaining safe spaces for discussions, resources and events. We believe that any social justice movement must work towards inclusion of other social justice goals. We recognize that all oppressions are connected and in no way do we want our actions to propagate other forms of oppression.

plan and execute social justice projects that support organizations efforts to end gender and sexuality injustice
learn about power and privilege
explore the interdependence of multiple oppressions
create and execute our own projects that will work toward gender and sexuality injustices
find levity and joy in this hard work
spread sass and camp to the world

All School Event Planning
Eyva Winet, 2nd Semester 2020-21
zoom for now : Tue 11:55-12:40

UE - Leadership / 0.1

We will organize and/or support the days we are in school but regular classes are not meeting (Fall Conference, Winter Conference, Consent Day, Racial Justice Conferences, Black Lives Matter in Schools Week, All School Meetings with interesting presenters and artists and more! We will work directly with lots of other committees to make this happen but we will be the folks who do the organizing work, collect and use community feedback and build our community contacts. We need tech savvy people to make this work virtually this year, we need artists, we need organizers and activists, we need people with community connections, we need people who care about this community and want to make it even better, we need YOU!!!!!

Taking on organizing one of these events could be part of your Culminating Inquiry Project/Adam Project/Senior Project and definitely will involve community service hours and skills that will build a college and job resume.

Open house, orientations, curriculum night and tours are organized by Recruitment and Community Building Events like video game socials, karaoke and dances are organized by The Guild.

Budget Committee
Lance Brown, 2nd Semester 2020-21
Lance's Zoom : Thu 13:50-14:30

SS - Student Government / 0.15

This committee is responsible for the fiscal decisions of Nova. The Friends of Nova (formerly the PTSA) raises funds for student and teacher use. It’s the role of this committee to oversee the equitable distribution of these funds. Furthermore, Nova is the only school in the District that has the privilege of designating where and how our school budget is spent. This is the forum within which those conversations and decisions are made.

The learning goals of this committee are:
1. to learn how to read and interpret a fiscal spread sheet;
2. to participate in group decision making;
3. to engage in conversations about equity and opportunity within our community;
4. to provide a space where all students and school groups feel heard and valued and where their proposals are taken seriously;
5. to explore ways to communicate our decisions and dilemmas within the Nova community;
6. to observe and participate in a formal committee structure, including a mild form of Robert’s Rules of Order;
7. and to have the experience of facilitating the running of the committee.

Calm Art Space
Becky Laird, 2nd Semester 2020-21
Zoom : Fri 11:55-12:40

ART - Exploring the Arts (EXP 2021) / 0.15

Calm Art Space is a weekly gathering space to connect with peers while working on individual art pieces. We will work together to offer weekly optional art prompts and supportive feedback.

Chess Committee
Brian Aytch, 2nd Semester 2020-21
Zoom! - Brian : Thu 11:55-12:40

None assigned

Discuss Current Events
Adam Croft, 2nd Semester 2020-21
Zoom world : Fri 11:55-12:40

UE - Student Activity (EXP 2021) / 0.15

Let’s talk about what’s going on in this world of ours.

Dungeons and Dragons
The Dark Knight Batman, 2nd Semester 2020-21
Rm 102 : Fri 11:55-12:40

UE - Student Activity (EXP 2021) / 0.25

This committee is devoted to playing the incredible role playing game – Dungeons and Dragons. Each Friday we will come together and play. Create a character! Run a campaign! No experience necessary at all. We will teach you how to play. Must be willing to get along with others (or be willing to learn how to), show up unless you have an incredibly good excuse, and certainly have the capacity to have fun.
Also, if you don’t have dice or source books, don’t worry about it. We have some extra you can borrow for the day.

Clearly, we will be doing this online.

Lydia Wynn, 2nd Semester 2020-21
Zoom - : Wed/Thu 11:55-12:40

SS - Student Government / 0.25

To create community events that promote community building throughout Nova.

Michelle Vecchio, 2nd Semester 2020-21
Thu 11:55-12:40; Tue 11:55-12:40

SS - Student Government / 0.25

Students will participate in Mothership, the Nova student governing body.

Students will engage in civic participation and discussion.

Students will represent their coors.

Stefan Gruber, 2nd Semester 2020-21
Zoom : Thu 11:55-12:40

UE - Leadership / 0.25

Nomic is a game that begins with very few rules:
1. Whoever gets 100 points wins.
2. On your turn, roll a d6 and add the result to your score.
3. Players can propose and vote on new rules, including 1, 2, and 3.

The game is constantly transforming as new rules are added. Have an idea on how to make the game run smoother? Have a new fun idea on how to earn points? Have a sneaky idea on how to give yourself an edge? See if you can get your rule passed!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 950 8845 3785
Passcode: 100points

Nova Minecraft Project
Lance Brown, 2nd Semester 2020-21
Thu 11:55-12:40

SS - Student Government / 0.25

Students will participate in Nova Minecraft Project.
The students will recreate the Nova building in Minecraft.
When complete all students will be welcome to visit the Nova Minecraft Building.
This would give us some sense of community again.

Oops! I Arted
Julia Reade, 2nd Semester 2020-21
Zoom : Tue 11:55-12:40

UE - Student Activity (EXP 2021) / 0.15

Each Tuesday, we will come together to quietly engage in a creative practice of our choosing. Participants might draw, paint, collage, mold clay, or…? We will begin each session by setting intentions and close each session with the option to share what we’ve been working on. Participants may choose to work on or off camera. I will play mellow music in the background that individuals can mute should they choose to. As the school year progresses, we will take requests from the Nova community that can be creatively fulfilled during our time together. This will also be a space held to gently work on and build social connections with peers.

POC Committee
Melissa Park, 2nd Semester 2020-21
Melissa's virtual room 101 : Thu 11:55-12:40; Tue 11:55-12:40

SS - Student Government / 0.5

This governing committee, the People of Color Committee (POCC), is a meeting place for students and staff who identify as people of color to reconnect, affirm, and unapologetically be ourselves. We are especially focused on citizenship teaching and learning, building community in our shared spaces, developing and growing our leadership skills, and acting and reflecting on issues of race and equity in a safe and open environment.

Past projects have included our organizing of coat & warm clothing drives in the winter, field trips, pot-lucks, host movie nights, collaborate with local organizations, and program teaching events for the school. Additionally, students rotate facilitation duties of weekly committee meetings & short- and long-term projects.

POCC is one of several governing committees which give input to Recruitment Committee and our administrators for Nova’s Mission/Vision C-SIP School Improvement Plan (an official document generated annually by Nova’s administrators that sets goals, enrichment, instructions programs, students’ achievement, and assessment of the school, and is published on our school’s SPS website.

Recruiting for Recruitment Committee
Debbie Kuttner, 2nd Semester 2020-21
Debbie and Akil's Zoom Room : Wed 11:55-12:40

UE - Leadership / 0.25

This is an activity time to build up Nova community. Students interested in joining Recruitment or wanting to understand it better can come here to learn about Recruitment, but this is an community building activity for new and returning students. Anyone welcome every week or once a semester or something in between! Among Us? Kahoot? Another? There will be a breakout room for orienting and prospective students and families led by Recruitment committee members.

Recruitment Committee
Debbie Kuttner, 2nd Semester 2020-21
Debbie and Akil's Zoom Rooms : Tue/Thu 11:55-12:40

UE - Leadership / 0.25

Recruitment Committee oversees the functioning of all recruitment-related activities here at Nova. In particular, this committee can make decisions that effect how Nova is going about bringing new students into our community as well as how we are perceived by those potential new recruits.

We need students in order to be a school! And we need people to know about Nova and want to come here in order to get those students! Basically, Recruitment is essential to the survival of Nova and all that we are doing here.

Decisions are made through consensus-building whenever possible.

Remotely Outdoors Together
Adam Croft, 2nd Semester 2020-21
Zoom and the outside world : Wed 11:55-12:40

None assigned

Let’s get outside! This is a community building activity committee in which we’ll remotely connect through Zoom as we each safely explore the world outside our doors. We’ll draw, take pictures, share observations, and simply share time together as we remotely explore the outside world “together”.

Room of 1,000 crafts + Book Club
Debbie Kuttner, 2nd Semester 2020-21
Zoom 220 : Fri 11:55-12:40

UE - Student Activity (EXP 2021) / 0.25

First semester we did book alterations, reading, writing, drawing, digital drawing, collaging, knitting. Second semester we will do whatever y’all want to. There will also be a breakout room available for the creation of a book club facilitated by some members of senior lit—welcome to all who like to read and talk about books.

Song Club
Jared Harkness, 2nd Semester 2020-21

UE - Student Activity (EXP 2021) / 0.15

Students will get together and share songs, and then discuss. (Just a neat place to hang out and talk about music)

Video Game Social
Jared Harkness, 2nd Semester 2020-21

UE - Student Activity (EXP 2021) / 0.15

This INVITE ONLY committee is a structured, student-lead committee designed to offer students an opportunity to further develop their social skills. The group will gather around a common interest—gaming—and engage in discussions about this topic while engaged in collaborative gaming. Teacher Julia Reade will be assigning/finalizing the credit in this class.

Wellness Steering Committee
Eyva Winet, 2nd Semester 2020-21
zoom : Wed 11:55-12:40

HE - Health Education HS / 0.15

We will be meeting regularly with the folks running the new Nova Wellness Center to help build, improve and expand their services for Nova students and the community. We have already helped architects design the temporary space but will continue to advise for the permanent space. We have helped hire staff for the space but will also give feedback and support their understanding of Nova and our amazingly diverse students. We agreed to help them get student art and interesting pieces to decorate the space so we need folks who are willing to make or curate art. We will also be working on grant writing to get more services and expand the possibilities of what the wellness center can offer.

Join us! We need your voice to drive this work. Country Doctor is very happy to collaborate and take guidance from students so we need you all to show up and make this center truly work for youth!

There are opportunities to work on culminating inquiry projects, health credit, CTE credit, peer education, grant writing, internships in the health field connected to this committee!

Yearbook & Senior Committee
Susan Barth, 2nd Semester 2020-21
Zoom : Thu 11:55-12:40

UE - Student Activity (EXP 2021) / 0.15

Let’s commemorate this strange year and celebrate our amazing community for making it through. What does a COVID yearbook look like? How can we plan a meaningful and fun graduation ceremony that honors our incredible seniors? Join us to get creative and help make something worth remembering!

You do not have to be a senior to join this committee! Students in ALL grades are welcome to help with the yearbook or contribute celebration ideas.

Co-facilitated by Susan, Annie, and Allison.

Allison Sterrett, 2nd Semester 2020-21
Zoom : Thu 11:55-12:40

PE - Individual/Dual Activity 1 / 0.15

Dedicate a bit of time each week to move your body and decompress. No experience or materials necessary! We will be showing yoga videos and making our own wellness goals.