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Physical Education

Bombardment Society
The Dark Knight Batman, 2nd Semester 2019-20
Garfield Community Center : Fri 13:50-14:30

PE - Individual/Dual Activity 1 / 0.25

This class can be Individual/Dual Activity 1.

Students will develop eye hand coordination and learn teamwork through the age old game of dodge ball.

Rethinking PE
Julia Reade, 1st Semester 2019-20
Julia's Room 208 : Tue/Thu/Fri 12:20-13:45

PE - Lifetime Activities 1 / 0.5

Why PE? I can promise you it’s about so much more than merely getting the credits to graduate. There are so many wonderful benefits to being active—stress relief, meeting new people, and just plain old feeling awesome! Together, we will explore creative and traditional activities, starting with their histories and centering stories of marginalized people and groups who participate in the sport. In addition to actively participating in the focus activity, we will brainstorm ways to conduct community outreach in an effort to engage others in more physical activity. Be ready to try a variety of activities from hacky sack to strength circuits to hiking. No previous experience in any sport is required, just an open mind and willingness to try.